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But Lesco's fifth year in the event took on a surprisingly different twist in the women's marathon. She did not place or end the race in record time but Lesco had a finish that will last a lifetime. Just as she crossed the finish line in the pouring rain at Public Square, Lesco was met by boyfriend Dan Horvath, who dropped to one knee, with ring in hand, and proposed. "I had no idea this was coming," said Lesco, who finished the marathon in 4:03.14, her second best time in the five years she has competed in Cleveland.  "This tops anything I could've set in the marathon. This is my best marathon ever." On Saturday, Lesco ran 1:00.19 in the 8K. Horvath planned the proposal ชุด ไป งาน แต่งงาน คน อ้วน pantip in this fashion a year ago. He said it was fitting because he and Lesco met at the marathon three and a half years ago. There was an instant attraction. "During the race, I kept thinking to myself how I had to find a way to get her number," said Horvath, who resides in Amherst, as does Lesco. "I was able to do that after the race." The relationship continued to develop as the couple began to train together along with some mutual friends.

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